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“There’s something about the Pomeranians, which makes them so irresistible. From their fluffy coat to those sweet looking two eyes, curved tail, their great personality, confidence and loyalty are part of what makes them one of the most attractive Dogs you would come across anywhere. I couldn’t think of any better looking pet.”

Welcome to Bearface poms

If you are looking for a precious little teacup, bear-faced Pomeranian puppy that is healthy, and has a sweet temperament, then this is the right place for you!

We have helped Pomeranian lovers around the world find their perfect fur babies for several years. Bearface Poms has partnered with the best registered show breeders in Thailand. We have the experience, knowledge, friendly and professional customer service necessary to make your next puppy purchase a dream come true!

Why did we choose Thailand? Because Thai pomeranians have the most precious bearface, gorgeous thick coat, short nose, short legs, and are extra tiny in size! They are true teacups! Our puppies are guaranteed to have sweet loving temperament. They get along with children and other pets, they would make great addition to any family!

Fast Adoption Process

To see available puppies, simply check our Instagram or visit the website to see which puppies are marked as “Available”.  The average cost of our puppies is between $2300 – $3500, which depends on the sex, size, and rarity of colors.

All of our puppies come with a Heath Certificate, Vaccination Records, Pet Passport, Microchip, and a 1 Year Health Warranty. We also provide all of our customers with ‘A New Owner’s Guide to Pomeranians’ with detailed care instructions and training tips.

We offer free-shipping to major airports within U.S. and Canada via Air transport using pet-friendly airlines such as Qatar, Luftanza, ANA, and KLM. (Pet nanny hand-delivery service also available at an extra charge)

We offer a variety of payment methods, as well as financing options!

If you have already visit our FAQ page and are ready to adopt now!
Call/Text/WhatsApp us at 650-303-1599
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